sal sidner projects

Country: United States


Sal Sidner is an ecofeminist with a long history of travelling, painting and exhibiting in Europe, USA, Greece, India, UAE and Latin America. Born in UK, educated in the UK and USA, she was a mental health counselor for 20 years, then taught Art for 20 years in museums, public schools, and centers for the mentally ill in the USA, while continuing a prolific career as an exhibiting artist. She has been juried into more than 15 artist residencies, where she responded to the environment, and human culture by painting, drawing and printmaking. Her feminist art was shown at NOT Normal, Art in the Age of Trump 2020; Everywoman Biennale 2019; Reversing the Gaze, San Francisco 2016 with The Women’s Caucus for Art; Art Woman, Lecce, Italy2020, and various art publications. She attended the Womens’ March 2016 in Washington D.C. Other social consciousness art includes the 49 project, a printmaking initiative to remember the students who were disappeared in Mexico. Sal’s most recent solo exhibitio

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