Design Havana 2016/2017 Closed

The first eco-sustainable furniture and lighting design competition in Cuba. Open exclusively to designers resident in Cuba. Cuba-based designers and architects (students, emerging and established professionals) are invited to submit their best eco-friendly furniture and lighting design proposals to the Design Havana Prize, the first Cuba-centric design competition for the “green” marketplace. Design Havana is an initiative jointly-conceived by EcoArt Project, Cuban Artists Fund and Art For Promotion, with the endorsement of the Italian Embassy in Cuba, launched in Cuba in collaboration with the Cuban National Bureau of Design (ONDi) and within the program of the first Design Biennial of Havana (BDHabana, May 14-20, 2016). “Through this initiative, we aim to highlight the existence and promote the potential of a “green” economy in a nation currently standing on the cusp of expanding industrialization. We are coming from an industrialized society, already well-versed in the missteps of mass consumption, and we are eager to start a discussion with the people of Cuba at the moment when they are able to choose an eco-sustainable path. Italy has a long tradition of design excellence and innovation and has long been at the forefront of “green” industrial design experimentation and implementation. We want to encourage an exchange of know-how and share best-practices" - Pino Fortunato - Design Havana’s Competition, open to sustainable furniture and lighting design for Residential and Hospitality/Commercial use, is looking for new, original, innovative and exceptional designs of furniture and light fixtures that have a story to tell.

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