Rhus Typhina, 2019
indianyellow 1, 2016
Leafpiece, 2016
Susan Stair
Returning to the River, 2018
Marne Meisel
Seeing the City Through Seaweed, 2021
Estelle Roberge
Waiting for Winter, 2013
Cicely Carew
Mutable, 2019
Cicely Carew
Hide and Seek, 2020
Cicely Carew
...The breeze at dawn has stories to tell..., 1951
Rhus Typhina, 2019
Willow piece, 2018
12 Vibrations, 2020
Sam Nester
Arcadia, 2020
Christian Bernard Singer
Runner, 2004
alberto barreto
Roots around the world, 2020
Alexandra Hulsey
Prototype 01, 2021
Linda Cunningham
Edge of Change, 2015
Deborah Yasinsky
Birds and Sirens, 2020
Ikpe ikpe
A rose remains, 2021
ResilienciART Project
NY...The New You!, 2021
sal sidner projects
Covid African Tree, 2021
sal sidner projects
Covid is here, 2021
Joe Dominguez
2092: A Dystopian Forecast, 2021
JuanCarlos rLora
Old City Love (Climbing a Tree), 2019
JuanCarlos rLora
Memory Dissected, 2018
Brianna Ren
Exploration of Life and Consciousness - Amongst the Sun Flowers, 2020
Liz Alderman
Mayglogrenapyelnes (NEST), 2020
Sergio E
Unbalanced Pendulum/ Unbalanced World, 2021
Maria Ferreira
Via, 2018
Ugochukwu Onyewuchi
Zora's Nest / Their eyes were watching God, 2020
Nava Derakhshani
New York City Lights and Flowers, 2020
Dreannworks Infinites
Infinity, 2017
Picadas Costas
BIOMES, 2021
Loretta Sayegh
Sunken Forest Debris, 2020
JuanCarlos rLora
EARTH - an Invite to Your Home, 2021
Mario Cobàs artistic name
TREES, 2017
Neerajj Mittra
Flowing Equine - The Tree of Life, 2020
Angela Gonzalez
Deleted, 2016
Yejin Yoo
Breathing-Birthing, 2020
Angela Gonzalez
BIOS 2.0, 2018
Hamza Kırbaş
Timeline, 2021
Adrian Baker
Net-Work, 2020
Natalia Kropf
Roots and Cuts, 2020
Natalia Kropf
Happy Lake, 2021
Natalia Kropf
Petrified Wood, 2020
Natalia Kropf
Pillars of Nature, 2021
Natalia Kropf
Time for Air, 2020
Serena Elston
Fruitful Bodies, 2019
Natalia Bezerra
Quarantine, 2021
Kakeru Asai
Reversal Universe, 2015