A Voice for Mother Earth

A Voice for Mother Earth


Inanna's innovative and genre- bending sound is the contemporary chant of an enchantress, a techno-priestess standing between Nature and Culture, light and dark, old and new, feminine and masculine, melting together in unique and hazy atmospheres. Her eco-ethno-electropop brings a hopeful message for the possible futures on Earth. Inanna asks herself: if Mother Nature had a voice, what would she sing? Inanna's mission is to deliver, through enchanting lansdcapes and an innovative mixture of ancient and the most contemporary sounds, a message of peace, environmentalism, love for our planet and all its creatures. Our planet is what unites us all: it is our home. This project aims to give a voice to Nature in the age of the Anthropocene, to animals in the age of massive animal exploitation, to female perspectives in politics to promote better care of the Earth. ‚Äč Inanna wants to shape hopeful visions of the future in a time where everything seems to be slipping through our hands. Inanna's upcoming first EP "Where We Belong" (Fall 2019), and her first album "ACROTOPIA" (Winter 2019-2020) are dedicated to all futurists, visionaries, nature lovers, to all women seeking for new ways of being feminine in contemporary society, and to all alternative music lovers with a green heart.

A Voice for Mother Earth

Inanna World
by Inanna World

Category: Performance art

Dimension: cm:
Year: 2019

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